10 TV Couples Who Are #RelationshipGoals

There are certain couples throughout television history that just stick with you. Not all for the same reasons, but because they are such adorable, formidable, or amazing couples. These 10 TV couples are ones that, in some way, embody relationship goals:

10. Meredith & Derek (Grey’s Anatomy)


This is one of the most epic television love stories. Their love story is full of ups and downs and is incredibly confusing, but in the end they triumph over everything and end up together happily in love. They find each other through depression, almost death, relationships with other people, and intense trauma. They love each other more than anyone else and no matter how much they try to make it work with anybody else they always end up back together.

9. Veronica & Piz (Veronica Mars)


I know, I know Veronica didn’t end up with Piz but she should have. He was kind, smart, went along with her crazy undercover investigation plans, and was always able to have intelligent conversations with her. She had a fun and exciting, yet stable relationship when she was with him.

8. Jim & Pam (The Office)

Jim and Pam! It took them sooooo long but they finally got together. God, their inside jokes were my life. I love how supportive Jim was of Pam’s dreams to do something different with her life and how he encouraged her. They made each other laugh constantly and were always in sync. They were basically kids at heart working together to pull pranks and have fun.

7. Peggy & Sousa (Agent Carter)


Okayyyyy, so I know this one shouldn’t count because they’re not actually a couple in Agent Carter but I don’t care. They are obviously in love with each other and their relationship in general is simply adorkable. Sousa is pretty much the only guy in the entire office that treats Peggy with respect and knows that she can handle her shit, while also wanting to protect her because he cares about her. Peggy does the same for Sousa, understanding that aside from herself Sousa is probably the best agent in the SSRS. They have each other’s backs and will follow each other into crazy and dangerous situations to prove it.

6. Adam & Kristina (Parenthood)


I mean, look at them dancing like nerds together.

This couple truly is something to look up to. They have two amazing children and stay married for something like 25 years throughout the series. They love each other so much and are always there to support each other’s crazy dreams, even if it means being tight financially or having to take on more responsibilities. They go through hell and back and never give up or stray, which is a huge accomplishment especially for TV couples. A big reason I loved Parenthood so much is because it felt like a great representation of a large modern-day family and didn’t fill its episodes with unnecessary drama. It is just real life problems and the drama that accompanies those.

5. Chandler & Monica (Friends)


They’ve known each other for years and have been friends for almost a decade. Not only do the have a great friendship as the base for their relationship, but they accept each other for all their eccentricities. Chandler loves and accepts Monica’s intense need to clean everything to the point that it’s more sterile than a hospital. Monica also loves Chandler’s weird and awesome but sometimes off-kilter sense of humour (although she does make fun of him for it on occasion, in a loving way).

4. Ned & Chuck (Pushing Daisies)


Guys, come on! He literally brought her back to life. You can’t get any more romantic than that. Yes, it’s crappy that they can’t touch but watching their relationship grow emotionally is so adorable. Plus, Ned makes the most delectable looking pies ever and owns his own pie shop! A successful, motivated man who can make baked goods? Yes please. Then there’s Chuck, who has lived her whole life through the fictional adventures in books. A girl after my own heart, Chuck (or Charlotte, which is her full name) made me believe that nerdy bookish girls can have awesome adventures and fall in love with a ridiculously attractive and kind man. Shhhhhh, I know it’s fictional and has no basis in reality but just let me have this.

3. Lily & Marshall (How I Met Your Mother)


Lily and Marshall. Holy sweet moly they are a cute couple. When Marshall treats Lily like a princess on her birthday or how Lily supports Marshall’s dream of being an environmental lawyer even though he makes zero money. They’ve been together since university, which is a pretty big deal. They understand each other’s weird needs on a deep level. Plus, lily understand that it’s bacon and then sex, unless of course you can eat bacon during.

2. Rory & Amy (Doctor Who)


Rorrrrraaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy! I have all the feels with this couple. If you haven’t watched Doctor Who you have no idea what they went through as a couple. Rory literally waited thousands of years for Amy to come back and Amy grew old alone knowing that Rory would come back for her. They are dorky, hilarious, and insanely devoted to each other. Also, who wouldn’t want to have their life travelling around the universe and getting to go on all these incredible adventures together?

1. Brad & Jane (Happy Endings)


The only way I can describe Brad and Jane is by quoting Penny, because they are “AMAHHHHHZING”. They are everything anyone should ever want. They are super epic weirdos and they are perfect for each other. They not only embrace each other’s weirdness but they do all their weird things together.I honestly just can’t even and must now show you a slew of Brad and Jane gifs so you can see their utter hilarity and amahhhziness.

Like the time they role played in the most hilarious way:


or the time Brad got pranked and had stripper glitter stuck all over him so Brad and Jane took advantage of that:


or the fact that they matched each other’s party grunge vibes when they met and they’ve grown and succeeded together and are even more perfect for each other now:


Come on, even they know they’re relationship goals:brad-and-jane-dream-team