Best Early 2000s Teen TV Shows

I subscribed to Shomi recently and it was both the best and worst decision of my summer. My list to watch on it now consists of probably over 30 television shows. Some of the shows I’ve been streaming on Shomi recently are some great early 2000s throwbacks, which had me reminiscing about some my favourite TV dramas in my early teens. These shows bring back all the feels of those angsty adolescent years. Please excuse the ridiculously cheesy TV trailers, as most early 2000s shows don’t have great previews available on YouTube.

7. Everwood

Kind of cheesy but also kind of great, Everwood is a slow moving small town family drama at its core. I love pretty much any show with small town vibes, so this was a done deal. The show is focused around the Brown family, but mainly Ephram Brown, after his mother dies and they move to the tiny mountain town of Everwood. It features  a young Emily Vancamp  from Revenge and Captain America and Chris Pratt from Parks and Rec and Jurassic Park before they both got really big.

6. Popular


Oh, Popular. How you took hold of my teen heart. This show was my addiction when I was younger. Set in high school, the show is centred around two girls who hangout in completely opposite social circles and loathe each other but whose parents are getting married and are now being forced together. It’s all about the haves and the have-nots and is definitely a show where you root for the underdog to win the heart of the popular girl/boy.

5. Felicity

Felicity is a naive, slightly off-kilter series set around a girl with very little life experience heading to university. Felicity, the main character, follows (or more accurately, stalks) her high school crush to New York University and in the process ends up finding herself, her passion in life, and love. With felicity sending tapes to her old friend you get some great voice over narration that really brings in those late 90s vibes.

4. Dawson’s Creek

Dawson’s Creek is full of witty fast-paced dialogue and addictive teen angst. You may have to look beyond the fact that no teenager has ever talked like the characters do on this show, but it makes for great on-screen repartee. I also love that it’s set in a small seaside town where everybody knows everybody and thus creates even more drama.

3. One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill, an extremely entertaining but very melodramatic show. I still love it, despite its penchant for over the top conflict. The series follows two brothers, who would never ever call themselves that because one grew up with their father and the wealth that came with him and the other did not. The show is all about their relationship and the relationships of their families and high school friends.

2. Gilmore Girls

Ahhhhhhh. Gilmore Girls you sweet, beautiful, intelligent, smart ladies. This is one of my favourite shows ever. Although, i do have to admit that the sixth and seventh seasons are tough to truck through since everything seems to go awry for the Gilmores. Gilmore Girls is set in the teeny tiny town of Stars Hollow, legit one of the smallest towns I’ve seen on a TV show. The whole series is really focused on mother daughter relationships, and specifically focuses on Lorelai and her daughter Rory’s lives.

1. Veronica Mars

*Drumroll* aaaaaaaand one of my all-time favourite shows, Veronica Mars. I swear I have watched the entire series at least three times and continue to rewatch it every few years. Veronica is a badass sassy mothaf***ka. Sorry, I had to  say that because she is just so incredibly awesome. Veronica goes to Neptune High, a school where you really only fit into one of two groups: the ultra rich kids or invisibles who work for them. Veronica’s father is a private investigator and Veronica works with him to solve cases, while also working in secret to solve her best friend’s murder. Dark and witty, this show is one of the best teen shows ever created.


If you have any TV shows that I’ve missed, comment below. I love any excuse to watch more TV 😉