The Magicians – TV Show Review


I had been wanting to read The Magicians by Lev Grossman for a while after hearing that it was like a darker, dirtier, and more grown-up version of the Harry Potter series. Unfortunately, after reading reviews of the series and hearing about it from the book obsessed people close to me I was very skeptical as the consensus seemed to be negative. So, when Syfy released that they were turning it into a TV show that was the perfect solution for me! I still get to dive into this world of magic where people are learning to master spells at a university for magic, but in smaller chunks and with less of a commitment. Watching it on television is also nice because whenever I read magical books I always dream of the day I can watch them on screen.

Characters Margo, Julia, and Penny

Since I have not read the books I won’t be able to comment on any changes from book to screen or compare the tone of whether the show is better than the books. I’m just going to focus on how much I’m enjoying the show. For real though, this show has me completely hooked so far. The first two episodes start out by slowly introducing our main characters, Quentin and Julia, pulling them into the world of magic while still leaving us with loads of questions about their past and their relationship. I find the slow yet intriguing pace of the show quite refreshing, as it’s rare nowadays for shows not to have an episodic layout when produced for a cable network. The pacing of the show allows for multiple character storylines to be explored more deeply and for a very dark and mysterious overarching plot to be laid out.


Characters Alice, Quentin, and Eliot

The characters are complex and are being created in shades of grey rather than just good or evil, which I enjoy as it’s more realistic. The characters you root for make mistakes and don’t always do the kind or even smart thing. Also, I just like the intense awkwardness of Quentin’s character and the girl he befriends at magic school, Alice. My god they are major adorable awksauce together. Defs ship them.

My favourite favourite FAVOURITE thing about the show though has to be the crazy cool gestures the characters use to cast spells. The show’s creators went all out and intensely researched ‘finger tutting’, which involves making geometric shapes and sharp angles with your hands and arms to imitate Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. The creators of The Magicians hired ‘finger tutting’ experts to create an entire language from ‘finger tutting’ specifically for spell casting on the show. So freaking cool, right?! I may or may not have been trying to imitate their hand movements… Haha.

So far I’m loving it and I’m just hoping this trend continues.

Rating: 4.5/5

Interested yet? Well, here is the trailer: