Like This? Try These… Skins (UK)

Ever since my trip to London at age 13 I’ve been mildly obsessed with British pop culture. If we’re honest, I’m sure most people would agree that British TV shows are usually much better than American shows (Well, until HBO, Showcase, and Netflix started creating original programming). I remember being in high school and streaming any British show I could find online, and this was in the time when online stream versions of shows could be someone literally filming their television *gasp*. I’ve found a lot of people have recently discovered the TV show Skins because of Netflix and wanted to give a few suggestions for other fantastic UK shows that revolve around young adults. So, here are a few shows that I adored, which you might as well if you enjoyed Skins.

P.S. The American version of Skins is atrocious, don’t watch it….

LTW - British YA Shows


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