DIY Your Own Scavenger Hunt – Valentine Themed

Sometimes it’s really fun to pretend you’re a little kid again. Running around, pretending you’re a pirate looking for buried treasure or Indiana Jones out to find a stolen artifact. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, valentine’s day or just for fun a scavenger hunt will always make you feel like a kid. This Valentine’s Day instead of doing ordinary gifts I decided to create a fun little hunt for my bf to run around and feel like an explorer. Here is a little DIY for you all to get some fun ideas if you want to do a scavenger of your own.

Valentine's Scavenger Hunt

You will need some supplies:

  • Themed Bags (Mine were from Michaels, a craft store)
  • Candy (I got all my candy from the bulk section at my grocery store, but you can fill your goodie bags with whatever you desire)
  • Scissors
  • Coloured Stock Paper (Pink or red work well for Valentine’s heart clues)
  • A Pen
  • Ribbon (This is used to tie up the candy bags)

I went with bulk candy for my goodie bags because they’re inexpensive and you can write really cute sayings to go with. I do love the puns (ex. some Smarties for my smarty, some fuzzy peaches because you’re such a peach). The bulk candy comes in really big plastic baggies tied off with ugly white twist ties. This doesn’t make for  very cute goodies, so to make them a little prettier I cut the bags down to fit the size of the candy and then replaced the store ties with red ribbon to fit with my Valentine’s theme.

Treat Ties

Now it’s time to make your clues! You can change your shape to fit the theme you’re doing, but for mine I made hearts out of card stock to write my clues on.

Fold Paper

Draw Heart

Cut Hearts

Clue Numbers

Clue Writing

Arrange them

And Voila!


Hope you enjoy your scavenging as much as I did! Happy Valentine’s day!!


-Love Tay