Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard – Book Review

Red Queen Cover

I know, I know, you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover. But, come on! We all do. What I love in a book cover is when it stops you in your tracks and seems to call out to you, “Pick me up! You know you want to feel my beautifully embossed cover and discover my secrets.” This is still and incredibly hard feat to do though. So when I see a cover that makes my heart jump in excitement, and my fingers itch to pick it up I always know that my wallet is in trouble.

Red QUeen quote

The Cover of Red Queen written by Victoria Aveyard is simple, yet beautiful. It speaks to my love of symbolism, contrast, and white space. Even reading through the blurb once you can already feel how representative the cover is of the story. Not only does the cover image tie into the intense struggle between the red and silver blood lines, but it connects perfectly with exact quotes from the book. You know a cover has done its job well when you finish a book and just sit and think about all the ways that the design truly represents the plot, the characters, and the struggles they go through.

Red Queen Quote

Red Queen does have a stunning aesthetic, but it was also an extremely addictive read. Set in a dystopian ‘other world’ with magic/superhuman abilities, it’s the perfect combination of fantasy and futurism. I fell in love with Mare, the protagonist, the second I fell into her world. A strong female character, Mare stays true to herself and her cause despite the pull of a love triangle in the book. For anyone looking for an intense and fast-paced read, this is great.

Red Queen Quote

For Fans of: The Hunger Games, Legend, and Throne of Glass