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Sometimes you just want to imagine that it’s possible that maybe someday someone will be able to fly, or run faster than the speed of light, or lift up a car with their bare hands. Being able to escape into a reality so unlike our own, but just similar enough that you can imagine its possibility can bring excitement. Fantasy, science fiction, and superheroes can have adrenaline rushing back into a day that was previously filled with checking emails and scrolling endlessly through an addictive, yet depressing Facebook newsfeed. These are some of the reasons that I love TV so much, especially the magical and fantastical TV shows that pull me out of my own reality into one that is filled with adventure, villains, and heroes.

Superhero movies have always been some of my favourites to watch over and over, and now with special effects improving drastically over the past 20 years film makers have been able to bring big screen action to the small screen. In honour of my intense love of superheroes, here are a few shows you can watch on the small screen to satisfy your appetite for epic villain vs. hero battles.

LTW - Super Hero TV


Although this next show might not necessarily be classified in the superhero genre, I feel like it has enough in common with the superhero style to qualify as an extra. Kyle XY is about a teenage boy who is found naked and wandering around the city, with no idea of who he is, where he came from, or how to interact with people (and he has no belly button). He is quickly picked up and taken to a youth facility where he meets a psychologist who realizes he is not a normal child. Kyle is then taken in by the psychologist and her family to learn and adapt to life as a ‘normal’ teenager, while trying to discover where he came from. As the series goes on you discover more and more dark secrets and conspiracies, and learn that Kyle might not be a normal human……. Intrigued yet?



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