When All Else Fails…

Yesterday was supposed to be the big spring photo shoot for work… but, of course, nothing works out exactly the way it was planned. Unfortunately, I tweaked my neck working out (possibly because it was my first time back at gym in 3 months…) and was in no state to be bussing downtown carrying camera equipment. I still needed some spring photos though to start our season changeover on Instagram, so I picked up some flowers from around the corner and got to work styling the few items I had handy from our new product line.


This season is all about the floral prints, which is why I want to include it in the Instagram feed to create a floral theme for spring. Let’s just say that it was an interesting balancing act getting the products to stay positioned on the flowers to use them as a backdrop.

Magnetic Bookmark


Love the magnetic bookmarks, so stylish and useful. I bought 2 packs of these, one in gold tones and one in aqua tones.

Gold Monogram Mug


All gold everything! A gorgeous and inexpensive mug that makes me feel luxurious while drinking my teas.

I Am Hot Perfume


Now this tiny adorable rollerball perfume was a little tricky to position because it kept wanting to slip through the flowers, but some careful placement and I got this vibrant shot.