Like These? Try These… Grey’s Anatomy & ER

TV medical dramas are some of the best and most addicting shows on television, but not all of them are put in the spotlight. Here is a guide to help you find some great medical dramas that might turn into your new obsession!

LTW-Grey's Anatomy


Back To School Basics

This year I started at a new school in a new program so I decided I would treat myself to some new basics for school. I mean, do you ever need an excuse to Treat Yo Self (Parks and Rec, anyone?).

Treat Yo Self

Now, working at Chapters leads to whole paychecks spent on beautiful things that I’ve been drooling over while at work. My school essentials must be both beautiful and useful, and finding an agenda with colourful books all over it? A dream come true! As you might come to find out I am somewhat of a book-a-holic, so a book print agenda is a must have.


I know, aren’t some of these things just so cute?? Well, if you have similar style as me then here are places you can pick these up:

1. Kate Spade 2015 Agenda at ChaptersIndigo

2. Set of 3 Paris Notebooks at Welk’s (You can’t buy these on their site, only in store)

3. Rose Gold Watch at Aldo

4. Gold Magnetic Bookmarks at ChaptersIndigo

5. Aqua Magnetic Bookmarks at ChaptersIndigo

6. Aqua Post-It Notes at Staples (These come in a set with 3 other colours)

7. Set of 12 Aqua Poppin Pens at ChaptersIndigo

With a new year also comes the need to refresh my makeup collection. I’m attempting to take my daily makeup and hair routine to a more professional sophisticated look (although this will probably take years, especially since I’m prone to easy buns and ponytails with almost no makeup) and this meant a more neutral colour palette for my daily natural look. Since buying this I cannot stop using these products! Legit am in love with this lipstick, my one suggestion is to coat it with clear lib balm every once in a while to keep your lips feeling soft and supple.

Matte Makeup

I have recently become enthralled by Kylie Jenner’s lips, and I don’t think I’m alone in this, and wanted to emulate something in that vein. The lipstick by Rimmel is in shade 08 and waterproof lip liner is by sephora in the shade Rose. This won’t work on everybody, but these are the colours that work best for my skin tone to mimic Kylie’s luscious lips. I also really love the Urban Decay Naked 2 tiny compact of matte eye shadows in various shades of cream and brown, perfect for carrying in your purse for day-to-day touch ups!

Kylie Jenner

Dang Kylie looks fierce!

When All Else Fails…

Yesterday was supposed to be the big spring photo shoot for work… but, of course, nothing works out exactly the way it was planned. Unfortunately, I tweaked my neck working out (possibly because it was my first time back at gym in 3 months…) and was in no state to be bussing downtown carrying camera equipment. I still needed some spring photos though to start our season changeover on Instagram, so I picked up some flowers from around the corner and got to work styling the few items I had handy from our new product line.


This season is all about the floral prints, which is why I want to include it in the Instagram feed to create a floral theme for spring. Let’s just say that it was an interesting balancing act getting the products to stay positioned on the flowers to use them as a backdrop.

Magnetic Bookmark


Love the magnetic bookmarks, so stylish and useful. I bought 2 packs of these, one in gold tones and one in aqua tones.

Gold Monogram Mug


All gold everything! A gorgeous and inexpensive mug that makes me feel luxurious while drinking my teas.

I Am Hot Perfume


Now this tiny adorable rollerball perfume was a little tricky to position because it kept wanting to slip through the flowers, but some careful placement and I got this vibrant shot.